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GL Events, SQUARE and Live!eu launch their hybrid and digital solution Easy Online Meeting !

All our event management expertise combined with the power of digital.


Easy Online Meeting combines the prestige of the physical and the simplicity of the digital by offering the attendees the opportunity to experience the same emotions, at the same time, without location constraints.

The business aspects of your event are ensured by more than 33 customizable spaces dedicated to partners and sponsors, creating a complete experience.

Your attendees will be at the core of privileged exchanges and sharing. Whether it is to watch lives, participate in workshops, exchange, react, share in a simple and intuitive way. They will also have access to a repository of knowledge and expertise built up by the stakeholders both before and after the Experience.

Since meeting people is at the heart of events and trade shows, we have designed "oneto- one" spaces in a "one-to-many" system. Attendees will enjoy interacting with speakers as well as with one another, thanks to chat, one-to-one spaces and our exclusive matchmaking tool, among others. And to ensure that ideas are smoothly exchanged, the platform features translation support for 27 languages simultaneously.

Our experts will accompany you every step of the way in the design and implementation of your project. Their in-depth knowledge of both event and digital technologies allows a very fast deployment.

Easy Online Meeting's flexibility guarantees creativity in terms of content and form, but also complete responsiveness. You can monitor, measure and act in real time on your community's interactions and engagement.

Our recording studios are the core of our hybrid concept. You will be able, on request, to use a host to structure and energize your event and mobilize 100% of your audience's attention. Dematerialized, the Easy Online Meeting platform gives you the keys to an exceptional Experience at very competitive rates.

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