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Creating a customised experience

It's not easy to imagine how a space can be transformed from a white-walled room to a warm and memorable experience. Our branding and design experts are masters of setting the scene and creating memorable experiences. They take care of everything: inspiration, design, production, coordination, installation and dismantling.

On-site design and production

Our in-house design and production facilities offer an extensive range of graphics, signage, furniture and fittings. From coffee corners to lounge areas, poster areas, branding, directional signage and visuals for your sponsors, our experts will make sure that your message is clearly and efficiently communicated to your audience.

Take your event outside

Your event doesn't need to be limited to the inside. The surroundings and approach to SQUARE offer the opportunity to make your event experience continue outside. We print and build decoration and signage using materials manufactured for exterior use and our customisation team is always on hand for special orders.

Choosing our materials wisely

Sustainability is always on our minds, so when we research and select new materials we also take recycling and waste management into consideration. Added to this, we make a point of using eco-friendly inks and sourcing from equally environmentally aware partners which is our "Think green" charter. 

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Anne is here to run the event smoothly, taking care of all the details allowing you to relax and enjoy your event.

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