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Team SQUARE will design, build and take down your entire exhibition, but our service doesn’t stop there. We provide accessory rentals, storage, exhibitors' manuals, personalised floor plans, handing and delivery. In other words, all the details you don’t have time for and don't need to worry about.

Optimise your exhibition

Our dedicated exhibition team works hand-in-hand with brand and design, so we provide much more than customised booths and stand building services. We are experts at helping you brand, decorate and optimise the exhibition experience for your participants which all contribute to you being remembered for creating an enjoyable, professional and useful event.

Order online

Our exhibition webshop allows you to provide a bespoke service to your exhibitors. Participants can order the items they need in order to create their own booth, and this is all done online and directly with Team SQUARE. This makes the host's task easier and the whole build process becomes more fluid, saving time for everyone.

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Anne is here to run the event smoothly, taking care of all the details allowing you to relax and enjoy your event.

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