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Shaping greener events together

Ever since SQUARE first opened its doors, we have strived to set an example for environmental good practice in our industry. By their very nature events create waste, so our everyday challenge is to reduce the impact of these transient yet important meetings. From 2014 to 2018, SQUARE was awarded the first star of the Eco-dynamic label by the City of Brussels and in August 2019, achieved ISO 20121 certification; a true recognition by the industry for our continued efforts in creating green events. We don’t intend to stop there; every event remains a challenge in terms of creativity, teamwork and environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability is stronger than ever. Watch the video

  • Food and beverage

    Food and beverage

    • we only use reusable or recyable tableware and cutlery
    • we work with eco-responsible caterers who use seasonal and local products
    • our suppliers of animal produce have a proven track record of zero mistreatment
    • we offer vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan dishes to our participants
    • the quantity of food used at each event is optimised by careful monitoring
    • we eliminate the use of plastic water bottles for internal use – an average of 20,000 per year
    • we no longer use Nespresso capsules
  • Manage waste

    Manage waste

    • we reduce waste across all areas of operation
    • aim for a zero plastic single usage
    • sort and recycle waste that is biodegradable, compostable or recyclable 
  • Reduce energy consumption

    Reduce energy consumption

    • we use 100% green electricity from sustainable sources
    • investment in our infrastructure means that we operate a smart building
    • digital energy consumption is monitored and reduced
  • Reduce water consumption

    Reduce water consumption

    • we invest in our infrastructure and equipment in order to reduce water consumption
    • rainwater is used for green areas
  • Lower our carbon footprint

    Lower our carbon footprint

    • our central geographic location means that people travel less distance
    • we use electric vehicles in our loading bay
    • recharging stations are made available for electric vehicles
    • we tour the city on electric bicycles with our visitors
  • Preserve biodiversity

    Preserve biodiversity

    • use ecological cleaning products, avoiding chemicals wherever possible
    • limit the consumption of cleaning products and water, according to the use of the rooms
    • invest in projects such as “Adopt a Bee”
  • Contribute to community

    Contribute to community

    • support creative projects
    • walls or window mirrors for hip hop dancers
    • support the “Bubble” project; supply electricity for mobile showers and laundry for homeless people
    • fundraising for special causes
    • job creation, integration and training of low-skilled staff
  • GL event Think Greener

    GL event Think Greener

    GL events follows a “Think Green” environmental responsibility programme launched by the head office in France. The idea is to be part of a global event cycle, with the principle aim of reducing our impact on the environment.